Learning Relationship Management (LRM) is the synthesis of educational data and tools into one platform.


See a holistic student view

LRM breaks down the silos between Learning Management Systems (LMS), Student Information Systems (SIS), campus communication systems, and alumni engagement tools. It delivers personalized learning, support and assessment for each student in one unified platform, so you can measure more than what’s taught: you can measure what’s learned.

Track student engagement

When students are engaged in the classroom, they’re more like to be engaged at work and in future learning. With an LRM, educators can closely track engagement in real time, which supports long-term success, especially in populations that might otherwise disengage. For example: Only 20% of part-time students complete a four-year degree in six years. But, by tracking and supporting engagement, we can greatly improve those numbers.



Ensure curriculum mastery

In a regular learning management system, educators can only view student progress one course at a time. A Learning Relationship Management system, on the other hand, provides insight into everything students have learned during their entire enrollment. Ideal for measuring what each student has learned against what it takes to master a full skill set.

Upgrade your educational technology

Educational standards are evolving, but until now, technology has been slow to follow. LRM is the exception to the rule, because it supports personalized outcomes-based learning at scale. This is essential as education moves from measuring by courses and seat time to competency-based education (CBE).