Teaching and learning capabilities meet assessment and accreditation support.

Teacher preparation programs must innovate constantly to keep pace with evolving best practices, demands for more extensive clinical training, and increasing professional standards. To support these initiatives, faculty and administrators need better assessment, data management, and student support tools. Motivis has reimagined the learning management system to meet these needs, providing a comprehensive platform to support aspiring educators and the faculty and mentor teachers who help guide them through their professional journey.

With Motivis you can combine rich learning data with crucial information from Praxis exams, student information, and clinical partners. All student data comes together in a single system, sparing you the expense and hassle of multiple software tools and data migrations. So rather than wasting time merging data, you can be putting information to work to develop reporting capabilities, support continuous improvement initiatives, meet accreditation requirements, and improve candidate success.


Dr. Lynn Gangone, President and CEO of AACTE, talks about Motivis’ $10,000 scholarship for students in the field of education.


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Data-driven continuous improvement

Experimenting with emerging teaching and learning models is crucial. The Motivis platform is built around learning objectives, providing flexibility to support a wide range of learning models. With valuable data all in one place and real insight into student learning, faculty can better collaborate with one another and determine what is working and what isn’t.  

Inclusive learning community

Community-based learning is a critical component of an effective clinical practice model, so why are community partners locked out of your LMS? Motivis integrates engagement and social learning capabilities to enable interaction and information sharing among diverse stakeholders. From host teachers to mentors to partner school administrators to other community partners, you can make genuine community a reality.

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Targeted professional development

Teacher preparation is a continuous learning experience that goes on long after graduation day. Motivis captures the full range of learning experiences on a single, continuous record that follows students through their entire experience from course-based to clinical practice and beyond. This gives you powerful insights into areas of strength and weakness for recent graduates to provide ongoing opportunities for professional development.

Learning data, not usage data

A traditional LMS captures how students use tools, not what they are learning. So how do you draw a clear connection between activities and outcomes? With Motivis, every assignment, discussion, and assessment – and the communications surrounding them – can be tied to specific learning objectives, powering more meaningful learning analytics and more compelling evidence of efficacy and impact.

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