The number of students enrolled at colleges and universities in the US has steadily increased over the last few decades—by as much as 22% since 2003. As of 2016, 20.5 million students are enrolled full-time at an American institution of higher education.¹ This is, of course, because advanced learning in the classroom is valuable for long-term success. But it’s also because of the learning that takes place outside of the classroom.

More specifically, college provides exposure to new people, cultures and traditions—especially through study abroad programs. But, of the 20 million students enrolled in higher education every year, only 300,000 of them are able to study abroad. Compared to college enrollment, study abroad participation has only increased 3% in the last few years.

Why the disparity? Well, it’s incredibly expensive. As much as $30,000 per semester.² But value far outweighs the cost.

Recent research shows that students who study abroad are more likely to:³

Achieve long-term academic success

80% of students say studying abroad positively influenced their academic pursuits, and more than half pursued post-graduate degrees (compared to just 9% of the general student population).

Achieve long-term career success

70% of students report that the experience positively impacted their career, while 61% of employers report viewing candidates with international study on their resumes more favorably.

Build personal connections that last a lifetime

63% of students who studied abroad in the 1950s and 60s report still being friends with people they met overseas.

Then, there are the things that are hard to attach a number to: Students who study abroad report feeling a deeper sense of self-confidence, a stronger connection to the planet and the people on it, and an improved ability to adapt to change.

If you’re a student who dreams of springtime in London or a warm, seaside winter in Spain, don’t fret—there are scholarships specifically created for people like you. Check out our list below, which we’re updating with new opportunities all the time.

Also, be sure to check out our list of scholarships available for vocational and online programs.

Study Abroad Scholarship Opportunities

New Zealand Scholarship

Undergraduate and Graduate students
Value: $15,000

Education New Zealand and Go Overseas will award one student $15,000 to study in New Zealand. The winner of this scholarship will also receive round trip air fare to New Zealand.

Bridging Scholarship

Undergraduate and Graduate students
Value: up to $4,000

The Bridging Project awards over 100 scholarships to students interested in studying in Japan. The scholarship will award $2,500 for semester-long programs and $4,000 for year-long programs.

EESA Scholarship

Undergraduate and Graduate students
Value: up to $7,000

Eastern European Study Abroad (EESA) awards several scholarships for students that wish to study in Europe. EESA awards scholarships ranging from $100-$7,000.

The Walter J. Jensen Fellowship

Four-year college graduates and master's students
Value: $15,500

The Walter J. Jensen Fellowship and The Phi Beta Kappa Society will award a $15,500 scholarship to one student with a bachelor’s degree in French language literature, who can demonstrate how their career does or will involve active use of the French language.

The Critical Language Scholarship Program

Undergraduate and Graduate students
Value: Fully funded

The Critical Language Scholarship Program will award a fully-funded scholarship to undergraduate and graduate students. This program, funded by the U.S. Department of State, is designed to encourage the study of critical foreign languages.

Fund for Education Abroad

Undergraduate students
Value: up to $10,000

The Fund for Education Abroad is a scholarship meant for students that wish to study in non-traditional destinations. Awards range from $5,000 for a semester up to $10,000 for the academic year.

Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship

Undergraduate students
Value: up to $5,000

The Benjamin A. Gilman International scholarship is available for undergraduate students who receive Federal Pell Grant funding. This scholarship will award recipients up to $5,000.

David L. Boren Undergraduate Scholarships

Undergraduate students
Value: up to $20,000

The Boren Scholarship program awards varying scholarships (up to $20,000) to students interested in studying geographic regions, languages, and fields of study deemed critical to U.S. national security.

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