Everything you need from your student information system.

Typical student information systems put important data points in silos, so it’s not possible to view the entire journey of each student.

The Motivis Learning system is powered by the tried-and-trusted Salesforce CRM, and surfaces data within your SIS and LMS to fill in the gaps in each student’s record.

It’s never been easier for administrators and educators to support lifelong learning.

Motivis is flexible, intuitive, and built for learning.

Our platform works with existing student information systems, so you never have to transfer data or manage external spreadsheets. Every data point you need to support longterm student success is at your fingertips.

Other student information systems Motivis Learning VS.
Clumsy, ineffective reporting Simple, out-of-the-box reporting supported by Salesforce
Difficult to learn and use Motivis’ all-star User Experience & Design team
Limited user roles Flexible user roles for every type of educator and administrator
Difficult and expensive to update A cloud-based solution that’s updated quarterly, at no additional cost
Built on the Salesforce platform, Motivis is a dream for the IT support team—secure, scalable, in the cloud, and easily customized—while allowing institutions a genuine cradle-to-grave, 360-degree view of their students. This is what the future looks like.

Dr. Paul LeBlancPresident, Southern New Hampshire University

We needed a new system that could connect all of our educational technology, be scalable, and meet future requirements. We had been using Salesforce in other areas, and wanted to further reduce our footprint. Motivis Learning was a perfect fit because of their educational and Salesforce expertise.

Marcus WilhelmChief Information Officer, Hult International Business School

We, as an institution, were looking for a holistic database, data management, customer management solution, and Salesforce was at the top of our list. So if I could get our online initiatives built on top of Salesforce, that was a very attractive feature. None of the other technology companies could do this.

Nate McClennanVice President of Education, Teton Science Schools

Student Information System Features


Quickly generate a complete transcript for every course a student has taken at a specific level.

Course Registration and Enrollment

Students can easily register for courses within their program, and see competencies within the courses that they choose.

Course Scheduling

Administrators can generate course schedules, and students have full visibility into scheduling conflicts as they register for classes.

Program Management

Supports program building and curriculum planning for either course-based or competency-based models.

Credential Management

Award credentials for programs students have completed, and efficiently develop new credentials from existing learning objectives.

Academic, Student, and Leadership Profiles

Access student profiles that provide insight on registration and progress status, as well as other relevant information.

Global Search, Powered by Salesforce

Find what you need with just a few words, thanks to the global search functionality built on Salesforce.

Open API for Integration with Other SIS

Send and retrieve data between student information systems to keep information consistent between them.

Salesforce Reporting

Drag and drop reporting by leveraging the Salesforce platform.

Learning Relationship Management

Access SIS and LMS data for a complete narrative of every student’s journey. Make more personalized decisions for each student.

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