Create personalized learning pathways and give students a real-time view into their progress.

Putting the student at the center of their learning means more than simply giving students control of their learning experiences. Our platform provides a variety of tools for educators to scaffold and mentor student decision-making, so students can better manage their own workflows and become more engaged in their learning.

Everyone learns differently. For better student outcomes, education should not be one size fits all, it should be one size fits one.



Personalize student pathways

Assignments or competencies can be personalized for one student, a small group or an entire class.  You can let students add enrichment activities or manage an IEP with ease.

Visualize student progress

Motivis LRM allows students to designate which competencies they would like to master. Motivis then creates a progress bar that shows students and educators how far they are along the learning path.

Enable student self assessment

As students progress through their classwork, allow them to provide feedback on their own development—what they are doing well and what they are having trouble with. These answers give educators the insight to adjust their learning and set them up for better outcomes.

Unity Streaming Screenshot


Provide digital access to all assignments

From a student’s homepage, they can access assignments for each one of your courses. They can easily filter to view assignments that are currently open, have been closed, or ones that are due in the near future.

Communicate directly

Students can open up an assignment and instant message their teachers directly. The student will be alerted once a response is posted. The message feed also act as a learning narrative that can be easily accessed for future reference.

Spark class participation

Set up a class forum and invite students to comment. Invite the entire class to a single discussion or designate group forums for students to collaborate on specific assignments. See which students visit the forum, post, and provide feedback.

Student Assignment Screenshot


Team up on syllabus assembly

Teachers and students have the ability to share what assignments should be on the syllabus. By personalizing to unique needs, wants, and aspirations, you can maintain a high level of engagement.

Drag-and-drop due dates

From within the student portal, students can visit the calendar tab and see every upcoming assignment by due date. If it’s permitted, students can request edits to those due dates with our drag-and-drop functionality. Grant students the flexibility to learn at their own pace, anywhere, anytime.