Finally there’s a progressive learning platform for the 21st century teacher.

Educational roles are changing as 21st century education continues to progress. Between 2015 and 2016, the number of college programs implementing competency-based programs grew 1200%.

As our learning ecosystem continues to advance, you will be able to easily plan the curriculum, manage coursework, and assess student deliverables with our Learning Relationship Management (LRM). Best of all, our platform is dedicated to the concept of high-touch learning at scale. Whether you manage a classroom of 10 or 200 students, you won’t be overwhelmed with data management.

evaluator add assignment screenshot


Support a variety of curricular approaches

Motivis can support traditional grade-based programs as well as alternatives such as competency-based education. Regardless of your approach, deliver a robust assessment model that makes student progress clear, understandable, and easy to translate to any flavor of student transcript.

Automate the curriculum build

Our Rubric Builder lets curriculum designers easily integrate institution-wide rubrics and outcomes, making it easy to plan curriculum. Criteria for assignments can be tied directly to competencies, so assignments populate automatically according to the competencies a student has chosen.

Personalize learning for each student

Instructors have the option of keeping the recommended learning paths the builder prepopulates or adding assignments targeted to small groups or individuals for further enrichment or for an IEP. Now you can customize the learning path to the specific needs of a student.



Monitor class participation instantly

Dashboards allow you to see the progress of an entire class at once. See which students have completed an assignment and how many have not submitted yet. You can follow up those who still need to contribute to keep participation at 100%.

Support personalized learning in real time

If a student is struggling, you can assist them by adjusting their learning plans in the middle of a course. Assign additional coursework to help fill in the gaps. Then receive real-time alerts on their progress.

Allow for two-way communication

With Networking and Social Community built in, you can post a message to your entire class or instant message an individual student. Students also have the ability to contribute to groups, a class forum or message you directly.  Alerts are sent to recipients each time someone reaches out.


Make informed decisions

LRM provides you with real-time access to a holistic, 360-view of each student’s learning experiences and engagement—across courses, disciplines and beyond the classroom. This actionable data makes it easy to understand areas the student excels in and areas they lag behind.

Allow for multiple submissions

Only pass a student once they meet the predetermined competency standards. If you assess that their first submission is not complete, you can provide feedback and allow the student re-submit as many times as needed to master their competencies.

Provide authentic feedback

Motivis centralizes student information into one record.  This individualized data management saves you time, allowing you to spend your time creating personalized learning and more authentic feedback based on outcomes.