Better data and communication for improved outcomes

Motivis LRM provides a comprehensive, focused platform that enables students to learn better, educators to teach better and staff and administrators to better do the jobs that support learning. Truly student centered, Motivis offers educational institutions a wealth of other advantages: actionable data and communication, improved outcomes, a comprehensive interface, flexibility, scalability, and cost savings.

Track long-term indicators for student success and retention

Engaged students are less likely to drop out of programs. Tracking engagement through an LRM alerts educators and staff to students who could be struggling. Improved retention rates mean improved overall outcomes and increased graduation rates.  Because you can track student progress for the entire lifecycle, you have the information you need when you need it.

Accommodate various program structures and learning environments

Micro-settings, K-12 districts, traditional campuses and all environments in between can benefit from the same features, customized to meet their individual needs and scalable when those needs grow. Schools and universities can assess new learning techniques, conduct pedagogical experiments, and implement competency and project-based learning,

Avoid information overload and increase real communication

Customizable dashboards mean faculty and staff see the information they need in a centralized student record without wading through what they don’t. The Unity communication and social networking component allows students, staff and faculty to create groups and to tailor communications and alerts to their interests and needs. You can give your campus community the right information without weighing it down with unneeded and unread emails.

Support personalized learning at scale with better data

Motivis makes it easy to proactively support learners and improve outcomes with a holistic, real-time view of each student across courses and departments. Save time and effort with all data stored on a centralized student record. With Motivis, students can be more active in directing their learning based on prior experience, learning preferences, strengths, weaknesses, and ultimate goals, while faculty and advisors get better views into their progress.

Data security + Fewer systems + Lower costs = More productive infrastructure

Student Assignment Screenshot

Modern, easy-to-use UI designed for education means improved buy-in and take up rate

The best system in the world would be a failure if it’s hard and cumbersome to use.  Motivis, with its mobile-friendly interface and clean, easy-to-use tools and reporting will make faculty, students and staff eager to use it.

Integrated cloud-based system reduces complexity and saves on capital investment

Instead of a fragmented set of information systems, with Motivis everything is available in one platform, reducing workarounds. Organizations can eliminate the overhead and resource drain required for separate student, faculty, academic and social applications with an interface designed for education. With a streamlined, cloud-based system you can simplify security needs and reduce capital investment.

Progress Report

Robust data reporting capabilities

Advisors and other administrators can easily quickly pull and see the data they need, without requiring additional programmers.  Built-in customizable KPI dashboards give real-time insight into performance and help quickly identify opportunities for improvement and monitor how students are tracking to outcomes.

Comprehensive data, integration and growth capabilities

Motivis is powered by With that kind of stability – you can count on a solution for the long-haul. Plus it’s scaleable for the future however your school’s goals and needs change. It’s powerful but lightweight structure means a faster, frictionless implementation.  You can leave existing data structures in place while connecting and integrating the platform so you can hit the ground running, maximizing return on investment.