Learning management supported by real-time engagement data.

In a typical learning management system, students can view assignments, see their grades, and engage with classmates. But learning is about more than just checking all the right boxes, so we’ve reimagined the rubric.

Students can see their progress, not just their grades. Educators can provide holistic or granular feedback, whether their teaching model is competency-based or traditional.

Teachers can view an aggregate of everything a student has done—from the first day they registered, through graduation—so it’s never been easier to deliver truly personalized learning.

A learning management system that works for every teaching model.

Motivis Learning is a flexible system that supports personalized learning at every level. Educators can adjust submission guidelines, rubrics, and deadlines for every student, so they can learn at their own pace.

Other Learning Management Systems Motivis Learning VS.
Doesn’t scale well Scalable personalized learning for every student
Inflexible, course-level customizations Adjust learning for each student, based on their journey and goals
Disconnected from SIS data Motivis integrates SIS data so teaching decisions can be more effective
Isolates students from administration Students can build relationships with their coaches and teachers
Students are at the mercy of the rubric or academic calendar Students and teachers can adjust due-dates for assignments
A complicated laundry-list of features
Motivis is feature-rich, but simple. Get at what you need without digging for it.
Motivis is a next-generation learning environment that puts students, not institutions, at its center, and allows for personalized learning, competency-based education, and the kind of data analytics that can supercharge program delivery and management.

Dr. Paul LeblancPresident, Southern New Hampshire University.

Our partnership with Motivis is a way for us to reach a huge number of students who can’t come to our K-12 schools or our week-long education programs.

Nate McClennanVice President of Education, Teton Science Schools

Learning Management System Features

Authentic Assessment

Choose the scale or criteria that best fits your program’s learning model, whether that’s based on an eight-point scale or competency mastery.


Completely responsive assessments that can be accessed on a computer, tablet, or phone. Rubrics can be analytic or holistic to support a variety of learning models.

Group Discussions

Engage the whole class with group discussion boards that can even tie into assignments. Once a discussion has started, educators can isolate each student’s contributions for assessment.

1-on-1 discussions

Work directly with students on each individual assignment, provide feedback, or answer any of their questions. Educators can proactively reach out if they see a student struggling with a particular topic.

Aggregate Coursework View

See a high-level snapshot of an entire cohort’s progress, broken out by learning outcomes. It can be done in just a click under “Progress Reports.”

Personalized Learning Plan

Customize rubrics by adding and removing assignments and updating due dates on a student-by-student basis.

Assignment Calendar

Educators can change and update assignment due dates based on progress and goals. Additionally, students can be given permission to manage their assignment calendar.

Learning Relationship Management

The key to personalized learning is surfacing and using the right data. The Motivis LRM integrates SIS data and LMS functions to support long-term student success.

Access to Student Data

Typically, the student information and learning management tools are two separate systems, but Motivis bridges the gaps between the two to surface data for true customization for each student.

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