Social networking, purpose-built for learning.

Campus networking doesn’t limit itself to dining halls and classrooms anymore. Online engagement with peers, faculty, administration, and alumni is just as instrumental in learning development as in-person communication.

It goes beyond Facebook and Twitter, too: Students need a secure place to connect with each other that doesn’t fill up their inbox.

With the Motivis Learning Community system, students can connect, plan events, send private messages, get the latest news, and download campus resources—all within a platform that looks and feels like their favorite social media networks.

It’s a one-of-a-kind platform that also builds connections between your student information system and learning management system, with the support of the tried-and-trusted Salesforce platform.

Social learning tools for students and educators

Motivis Learning Community is more than just a social network for students: It’s a place where faculty and administrators can connect with each other, too. While students are busy organizing and communicating, educators can access engagement data, broadcast important messages quickly, and stay in touch with students on a 1-to-1 basis.

Other communication methods Motivis Learning VS.
No sense of community Students can connect with each other and see how other students engage
Engagement is difficult to measure Easy to track engagement, and connect with disengaged community members
A lack of security Each Community instance is unique to that school, with Salesforce-backed security
Disconnected from the reality of campus life Schools can easily impart their brand on Community for a unique, familiar experience
Motivis Learning Community saved the Johnson School significant time and money. Deploying this kind of interface for other schools without Motivis Learning Community took between 6 and 18 months—and the resulting site wasn’t nearly as flexible or impressive.

Rebecca JoffreyDirector of Interactive Service, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Cornell University

We have started using Motivis Learning Community as our students hub for communication and getting relevant messaging out to them. It has a great UI and because it is built on Salesforce, we can automate a lot of repetitive messaging and track how it is reaching our student body. Would highly recommend!

John ProkosDirector of Technology, Hult International Business School

In my 10 years of experience in education, and educational technology, I have seen several attempts at a good online school community. Motivis Learning Community is the most impressive by far. It is easy to implement, has a pleasing look and feel, and the groups and news alerts features have multiple use cases.

Jason FitzpatrickDirector of Technology, Virtual Learning Academy Charter School

Community Engagement Features


View news and events based on relevant interests and activities. Students and educators can customize what appears in their newsfeed.

Event Management

Take socialization offline with campus events. Students can find events based on relevant interests, or can be invited based on the groups they’re already in.

Group Management

Create, manage, and/or join groups relevant to your interests, whether that’s a regular activity or an on-campus club.

Real-Time Notifications

Get alerts about things that directly impact you, based on the groups and events you’re involved in.

Direct Messages

Communicate privately with students or educators, whether it’s 1-on-1 or in a group.

Personal Profile Pages

Each person has a profile page based on their current status, whether they’re current students, educators, or alumni.


Profiles can be customized from the very beginning, so you only see content you’re interested in—without having to search for it.

Resource Library

This is more than just a list of useful links: Tags help students navigate to find the resources they need, including documents and webpages.

Global Search

Find posts, groups, events, and people you’re interested in with a simple text search.

Case Management

Tech support powered by Salesforce that lets students create cases and issues which are assigned to school administrators.

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