We implement education technology and consult on student-centered services

Motivis Learning delivers flexible, intuitive, and integrated information systems that help schools improve outcomes for competency-based education. Our role as an educational technology consultant is to understand what outcomes your campus needs so that we can then build the pathways to get there.

Whether you need help implementing a Motivis Learning solution, creating a new educational direction, or developing a custom solution from scratch, our services team has the expertise to meet you institution’s requirements.

We don’t just sell educational technology. We partner with your administrative team for the long run.

We, as an institution, are looking for a holistic database, data management, customer management solution, and Salesforce is at the top of our list. So if I can get our online initiatives built on top of Salesforce, that’s a very attractive feature. None of the other technology companies could do this

Nate McClennanVice President of Education at Teton Science Schools and Motivis Learning Customer.

Our team has the expertise to meet your institution’s requirements

Implementation partners with a clear process

We’ll work with you to define strategic goals and challenges and then develop an effective strategy and system architecture that works with the rest of your data and learning systems. Throughout any Motivis Learning solution implementation, we use a clear, defined process.

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Customized Salesforce development

Educational goals and schools vary and the solutions they need vary too. Our Salesforce Certified developers will customize Salesforce CRM in a way that compliments your unique curriculum.

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Ensuring your success for the long term

Because our mission is to develop a better, more successful educational system, we don’t just sell licenses and disappear. We partner with you every step of the way to make sure your implementation is frictionless.  Then our Success Group provides training and on-going support to ensure an outstanding solution.

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Consultation when you need it

If your campus doesn’t already include Salesforce experts on the ground to help manage or expand your new educational solution, we can help with that too.  We can help identify curriculum or data needs, analyze student workflows, and even manage your open-architecture Salesforce solution.

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