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Salesforce CRM is the best platform to track each student’s journey through your curriculum.

Motivis Learning is built on the powerful and deeply customizable development platform. Universally recognized Customer Relationship Management software, Salesforce is used by more than 87,000 businesses worldwide. Because the Salesforce platform concentrates on the individual, it translates to Student Relationship Management perfectly. More than 1,400 higher education institutions have already implemented Salesforce.

The only educational technology equipped to handle competency-based learning at scale.

Manage each individual student

Salesforce’s customer-focused software makes it well suited for student-centered learning. It’s the ideal platform for institutions implementing competency-based education and other personalized learning options.

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Return on your Investment

The Salesforce platform is streamlined and designed to be accessible by non-programmers. With lower costs and fewer resources to implement and maintain the Salesforce integration, educators can maximize return on learning investments.

Customized to your institution

Salesforce is powerful and customizable. So customizable that could be modified to support the College for America (CfA) competency-based education college, with only 4 months of development to deliver an innovative and improved learning experience unique to CfA.

Easily integrate Salesforce with Motivis Learning

Motivis’ student-centric Learning Relationship Management (LRM) platform is built on Salesforce.  Integrate additional Salesforce functionality with its powerful, accessible, proven, and adaptable platform to deliver better student outcomes.

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Paul Leblanc
Built on the Salesforce platform, it is a dream for the IT support team—secure, scalable, in the cloud, and easily customized—while allowing institutions a genuine cradle to grave, 360 degree view of their students. This is what the future looks like.

Dr. Paul LeblancChairman, Motivis Learning and President, Southern New Hampshire University