Deo Mwano is a motivational speaker and works full time for College for America SNHU. A daring escape from the Democratic Republic of the Congo led him to a life of freedom, inspiration, appreciation, and the desire to persevere.

Originally from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Deo has taught, inspired, and motivated for the majority of his life. After the assassination of his father when Deo was only seven, he immediately had to take the reins of his family. He, his mother, and his three younger brothers moved to the United States in 2000, where Deo was able to uncover his ability to connect with people through his undoubted talent in dance. He holds a BA in International Relations and History and an MBA in Strategic Leadership, and he emphasizes the importance of global and social awareness in everything he does. He aims to educate and motivate people to do more for themselves and those around them.

Deo shared this brief message at the beginning of the school year: own your education. Here’s how.




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