What is Startup Institute?

Startup Institute is an eight week full-time program that specifically prepares students for a career change. Not only does Startup Institute teach their students the skills they need to succeed in their new career, but they also offer their graduates career services after program completion.

Four main concentrations are offered by Startup Institute: web design, web development, digital marketing, and sales and account management. Each concentration requires previous assignments to be completed to help assist the student and prepare them for the course ahead.


Why should people looking to change careers enroll at Startup Institute?

Overall the outcomes are in the student’s favor. 76% of Startup Institute’s students have been hired for a position in less than 60 days and 92% percent of students were hired in less than 100 days.

These job acceptance rates are high due to Startup Institute’s ability to help their graduates stand out in the application process. Typically speaking, SI graduates are up for a job against other entry level applicants with little to no work experience. But SI graduates have the upper hand since they already have developed the job skills needed thanks to the relevant curriculum at Startup Institute. Startup Institute is constantly updating their curriculum to include the in-demand skills that high growth companies are in search of.


How is Startup Institute able to turn out so many successful alumni?

Startup Institute curriculum is focused on outcomes. This type of learning has taken over the educational world. Not only does outcomes based learning teach the student the skills they need to be a valuable contributor, but this flexible learning environment gives students the workforce skills most employers desire. Skills like communication skills, analytical and research skills, and technical literacy skills.

Employers are constantly on the lookout for these attributes during the interview process. In fact, in a recent survey asking business executives if workforce skills are as important as technical skills, and 92% them said yes.


Is the application process rigorous?

Only 18% of students who apply to Startup Institute are accepted. It’s competitive due to the fact that Startup Institute is fixated on finding students that will flourish in their courses.
A students:

  • Desire to learn
  • Ability to thrive amidst ambiguity
  • Passion for the work and culture
  • Scrappiness and grit
  • Excellence at collaboration
  • Willingness to put the company before oneself


What if I can’t leave my full time job to enroll at Startup Institute?

Students who can not commit to a full-time program have other options. There are part-time classes offered in Ruby, Web Design, Digital Marketing, and JavaScript. The part-time options occur one night a week to accommodate students. All professors that teach part-time classes are just as experienced and qualified as the professors who teach the full-time classes. There are even one-on-one mentorship sessions available to part-time students. This allows each student to truly have a personalized learning track regardless of the amount of time they can commit to a week.


How will Startup Institute help me find a job after I graduate?

51% of students in Startup Institute’s graduating classes get 5 or more interviews once they graduate. That number is so high because of Startup Institutes connections and partnerships with existing companies in the Boston area. Startup Institute has created this strong network with local startups which then helps their students climb to the top of the applicant lists. These startup companies receive resumes referencing Startup Institute classes and immediately take an interest because of SI’s reputation. Sometimes Startup Institute professors will even personally introduce students to hiring manager they have in their network. The startup environment is a tight knit group. Infiltrating this group via the Startup Institute is a huge advantage to these students.