If you’re ever considering going to a Salesforce World Tour and you’re not sure about whether or not you should attend, well, I’d advise you this:

Run (do not walk!) to the registration page and sign up!

If you’re new to the Salesforce ecosystem, you might not be aware of how they roll—these people are serious about their events.

Last week, I attended Salesforce World Tour Boston, and it did not disappoint. As usual, they had a great lineup of sessions, speakers and special guests (and cookies…great cookies).

The Top Three Things About Salesforce World Tour

1. Great Sessions  

There’s always a stellar lineup of sessions on topics ranging from product walkthroughs to data management and stewardship, to managing security, alongside the typical presentations about driving sales and service processes and the benefits of transitioning from on-prem to Salesforce, all the way down to fun stuff like Trailhead Trivia.

The sessions are generally arranged in a few different tracks: Sales, Admins, Developers and Business Users are typical examples. The one-day Boston World Tour featured almost 40 formal breakout sessions, as well as a full lineup of sessions in the Developer and Admin Theaters. There’s so much to see and do that you’ll want to clone yourself to try and take it all in.

Luckily, if you miss any sessions, they’re easily accessible in some form on the web. Just Google the expert and you’ll find they often post the stuff they covered in the session. For example, the bulk of this great “building mobile apps” presentation from Christophe Coenraets is available on his blog, so even though I thoroughly enjoyed it in person, I can relive it from the comfort of my own desk.   

So, there’s great content to be had, and that content gets delivered by some really nice people who happen to be Salesforce experts…and conveniently…

2. You Can Almost Touch the Experts

You’re close to the experts. Like, restraining order close.  

Skip Saul at Salesforce World Tour Boston

I had a prime seat for Skip Saul’s Wave presentation.

John Vollmer at Salesforce World Tour Boston

And for John Vollmer’s Lightning UX design presentation.

These guys are right there in front of you, telling you all sorts of great things about the product they work on daily.

So here it is—your chance—presented to you on a silver, cloud-shaped platter. You can finally get the answer to that nagging product question and, perhaps even better, you can offer your feedback directly to a member of the product team. For the price of admission (free!) you can make a personal connection to someone you usually only follow on Twitter. You can even corner them and talk about Safe Harbor forward-looking stuff, like when that feature you so desperately want might hit the roadmap.

In short, Salesforce makes their experts available to you and it’s a great way to connect with the people who help drive the platform to new heights.

3. Surprises!

One of the cooler things about Salesforce is that they usually keep an ace up the ol’ sleeve. Last year, it was Tom Brady. How do you top that? Why, with Bill Belichick of course!

Bill Belichick at Salesforce World Tour Boston

(photo credit, Salesforce MVP Sharon Klardie)

For the last two years, the Salesforce “house band”, the Dropkick Murphys, opened for Keith Block’s Keynote speech.

After that lineup, it’s hard not to be jacked up for the keynote!

Those are three of the best things that Salesforce brings your way, but it doesn’t stop there. There’s a lot to like about Salesforce World Tour (snacks). You definitely get a real sense of the community and the passion (and snacks) that go into making these events a success. The ecosystem itself– from the sea of MVPs from around the world to the unabashed enthusiasm of the user community– all help to give the Salesforce World Tour a great energy (and snacks) that you’ll take home to your team.

And let’s not forget the snacks!     

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