Of all the amazing people I have met over the years, Rose Colby is one of my favorite educational heroes. She has been moving the mountains of educational reform here in the State of New Hampshire and across the country inspiring classroom educators, school leaders and entire communities to improve learning outcomes through mastery-based learning. She co-wrote about the need to move away from seat time to measure student learning and use Competency-Based Learning to ensure students are prepared for higher education and career in her first book Off The Clock.

When I first joined Motivis Learning in 2015, she graciously sat down with me for one of my first interviews in what ultimately became my blog series, From the Field.

In the years since that first interview, Rose has worked with countless schools across the nation as well as policy makers at the State and Federal level to transform learning in a big way. Her travels have brought her into contact with many “Imagineers of Education,” as she calls them, and the interactions and experiences have challenged her and helped to refine and evolve her strategies for working with schools in thier move to Competency-Based Learning.

With last year’s release of Rose’s much anticipated book Competency-Based Education: A New Architecture for K-12 Schooling, she sat down with Motivis once again to discuss the essential tasks necessary to transform learning. This 5 part interview series will focus on different aspects of her work spanning the last 10 years implementing CBE and new systems for learning across the country. We examine how designing for continuous improvement has shaped and evolved her view of CBE and the important role it plays in enabling student success.

In this first of 5 episodes, we will take a closer look at Leadership and the essential role it plays in designing and implementing successful Competency-Based Learning. For further information about our approach to CBE, click here.