Part 5 – Technology: Learning Experience and Program Scalability

How might we effectively leverage technology as a vehicle to provide an amazing learning experience and program scalability?

Schools often face the challenge of how to engage learners through a personalized learning experience and provide adaptive and flexible curriculum at scale. Supporting student learning as well as tracking and measuring student mastery in a highly individualized and personalized way requires next generation technology platform, not one that was built at the dawn of the online learning 20 years ago and added to without consistency and consideration for the learner experience and the social connectivity today’s learners demand.  

True personalization requires a highly complex system that allows students to move when ready and for instructors to create data-informed instructional pathways for each learner with ease. Technology enables both the delivery and the scalability necessary to ensure a holistic learning experience that is responsive to the needs of each learner.

This 5 part series explores how Dr. Andy Lynch, Associate Dean of the School of Business at Southern New Hampshire University, became passionately curious about connecting advancements made through technology and instruction for a more equitable and accessible approach to higher education. Although a small improvement for the robust academic delivery of SNHU’s on-campus School of Business, he proposes a significant breakthrough for the continuum of learning and a bridge between K-12 and higher education.

In this fifth From the Field episode with Andy Lynch, we examine how next generation technology improves the learner experience and ensures program accessibility and scalability. 

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