In my travels and work for Motivis Learning, I have been fortunate to meet some of this country’s most powerful key influencers improving competency-based education.

I’ve been most fortunate to cross paths and connect with Chris Sturgis co-founder of Competency Works at various academic convenings and conferences. I am always rocked by the amazing insight she brings from her travels to different schools, most recently schools in New Zealand, and the deep analysis she provides as she distills the secrets to their success so that we may all learn from the challenges and successes of those brave enough to challenge the traditional conventions of learning.

Competency-Based Education with Chris Sturgis

Chris Sturgis and Emily Dustin sit down at Motivis Learning in Salem, NH to discuss Competency-Based Education


We are honored to have Chris join us in our Motivis Studio to talk about her much anticipated book, Quality Principles for Competency-Based Education.

We hope that you enjoy our conversation as we explore the key elements of the principles that will ensure successful design and implementation of competency-based education.

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