Nicolet Area Technical College, one of 16 colleges in the Wisconsin Technical College System, has chosen to partner with Motivis Learning to serve all of Nicolet’s students in all academic programs.

Nicolet, which had already adopted Motivis’ learning management system (LMS) for their competency based education (CBE) courses, will now implement Motivis for its entire academic catalog.

“A traditional course-centered educational model isn’t always the most effective way for students to learn, particularly in a technical or vocational school,” says Brian Peddle, CEO of Motivis Learning. “By adopting Motivis’ platform Nicolet has eliminated data siloed in different technology solutions, which enables more personalized learning paths. But more importantly, Nicolet now has the flexibility to experiment with different educational models without being restricted by the limitations and outdated approach of most learning management systems.”

The Motivis platform is built on top of, allowing for truly complete student records that include data typically stored in SIS, LMS, and peer engagement systems. Motivis LMS is built to support a full range of pedagogical models, including competency based education, micro-credentials, and other non-traditional educational models in addition to traditional course based approaches.

“I don’t see this as a choice between one vendor or another,” says Richard Nelson, President of Nicolet College. “Instead, we’re deciding whether to maintain the course-centered approach that is common to most of our competitors, regardless of the LMS they use, or try something different. Something that is really organized around students, and something that could help position us to deliver education that transforms even more lives in the future we know is coming.”

About Motivis Learning
Motivis’ learning platform provides institutions the curricular flexibility, analytics, advising, student information, and social learning capabilities to engage students, improve retention, and personalize learning. In contrast to the prevalent learning management systems (LMS) in the market, Motivis is built around learning objectives rather than around courses, allowing academic programs and entire institutions the flexibility to experiment with a wider array of curricular and credentialing approaches. This student-centric architecture provides academic programs the forward-looking features and flexible architecture to operate multiple curricular models simultaneously, from course-based to competency-based, without maintaining multiple technology platforms. Motivis’ capabilities can meet their essential current needs within traditional course-based curricula — such as communications, document and content distribution, calendar, and gradebook — while evolving to implement best practices around learning outcomes, personalization, peer interaction, student success advising and intervention, experiential learning, and engagement across curricular and extracurricular experiences that better serve learners.

About Nicolet Area Technical College
Founded in 1967, Nicolet Area Technical college is part of the Wisconsin Technical College System. Nicolet offers more than 70 degrees, diplomas, and certificates both in the classroom and online.