I don’t always have it together, I actually make a lot of mistakes along the way. Forward momentum and opportunities around me is what drives me. Happy Wednesday, Go Get IT!” -Deo Mwano

Below is a video from one of our favorite coaches at College for America.   He recently traveled to visit Kepler in Rwanda, a project he is overseeing between CfA and Kepler.  This video will give you insights around Deo’s experience on the trip.

About Deo

Deo Mwano is a motivational speaker and works full time for College for America SNHU.

A daring escape from the Democratic Republic of the Congo led Deo Mwano to a life of freedom, inspiration, appreciation, and the desire to persevere.

Originally from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Deo Mwano has taught, inspired, and motivated for the majority of his life. He grew up amidst a violent civil war, and his father was assassinated when Deo was only seven. He immigrated to the United States with his mother and three younger brothers, where his inimitable talent as a dancer helped him connect with people. He went on to earn a BA in International Relations and History and an MBA in Strategic Leadership. These days, Deo works to educate and motivate people to do more for themselves and those around them.

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