Cornell University, along with The Salesforce Higher Education Advisory Council, engaged with Motivis Learning to collaboratively build a higher ed-specific accelerator for Salesforce Communities. The solution needed to be easy for any school to implement and reduce the friction and cost to customize.  The video is from the 2015 Salesforce Higher Ed Summit in Miami.

“Empowered communities can change the world. It’s one of the reasons the Salesforce Foundation granted Cornell University, along with the Salesforce Foundation Higher Education Advisory Council, and Johns Hopkins University (JHU) a 2014 Force for Change grant to build Communities projects. Hear how the Higher Education Advisory Council is using the grant to build a Student Community Starter Pack that will ensure millions of future leaders can concentrate on their studies instead of administrative bureaucracy. Also discover how JHU is using its grant to build a Salesforce Communities-based application to connect brilliant researchers and their ideas together so they can collaboratively solve some of the most complex global problems.”

Learn more about Unity and find out how you can become a Connected Campus too!

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