Cornell’s Johnson Graduate School of Business had a robust community on their physical campus, but they needed to figure out how to bring this community online. Their current tools, including a communication portal, multiple document sharing platforms and other dated technologies, were clunky, one-way and un-engaging. The students were also facing email overload, which made it difficult for them to hone in on relevant news, clubs, events, etc. in their inbox. 

I get spammed by emails that are not relevant to me. So, I miss information and events.

ROHIN SOODMBA 2016, Student Council Technology Chair

The Johnson School needed a way to bring students, faculty and staff together online in a truly interactive, social way. They also needed to help students find and discover content based on their individual interests to reduce what was becoming an overwhelming volume of email.


  • Bring physical community online with an interactive, student-focused platform
  • Improve discoverability of groups, events, news, and resources relevant to students individual interests
  • Improve relevance of communication to students; reduce mass emails
  • Allow students across multiple programs and campuses to find and connect with others with similar interests


Motivis Networking and School Community, a powerful networking tool built specifically for higher ed on the Salesforce Community Cloud platform.

Group Managers are key for our student clubs, because the officers need to talk to one another without the entire group seeing it. For example, the leaders can collaborate on an agenda for the next meeting before presenting it to the wider group.

AMANDA SOULE-SHAWAssistant Dean, Student Services Cornell University Johnson Graduate School of Management

  • Themes and Tags: Users can label all groups, events, news and resources with themes and tags to improve searchability and help students discover relevant content — rather than having all of it dumped in their inboxes.
  • Data: Instead of guessing at how many people are using the internet, the Johnson School can now see granular usage data on the backend of their community and adjust their strategies accordingly.
  • Groups: Users can easily seek out and join new groups based on their interests or create their own groups. Events can also be created within the group.
  • Group Managers: Group managers have a feed within their groups visible only to them.
  • Branding: With easily customizable colors, images, logos, and more, the community provides a consistent Cornell experience for its users.

The Results

Cornell University received an honorable mention in the Eduventures Innovation Awards for the robust online community they created. They have over 1,200 users, 150 user groups, 5,600 monthly logins, and over 420 resources.