For many of us, true learning only happens when we dig our hands in and learn a new skill. And, when we’re given the chance to learn something new in a way that’s exciting and meaningful, we’re more likely to remember it. And, engage in future learning down the line.

Learning this way builds a passion for education that lasts a lifetime: A cornerstone of lifelong career success.

And here’s the thing: the type of learning that includes real-life experience comes in a variety of forms. From internship experience to intensive career-prep at The Startup Institute, there are so many ways to learn new on-the-job skills.

One of our favorite programs in the Northeast is Launch Academy, a Boston-based school that provides intensive Full-Stack coding training in just 10 weeks. Since their founding in 2012, they’ve built partnerships with companies across the country to help ensure job-placement after graduation (including Hubspot, Fidelity, and NPR), and they’ve graduated more than 300 students with entry-level coding experience. Each graduate leaves with hundreds of hours of coding experience, thanks to an individualized learning path they can build a career on.

More specifically:

  • In 2016, 89% of graduates seeking jobs found full-time, permanent roles. Average starting salary is $65,000.
  • 93% of students graduate, most within 10 weeks of entering the program.
  • Founded in Boston, Launch Academy recently opened a Philadelphia campus and an online program in 2016.
  • After graduation, students can access the learning management system and career support for up to six months.
  • Alumni are always welcome back, with access to career events and networking opportunities.
  • As of 2016, Launch Academy alumni boast more than 200,000 cumulative hours of coding under their belts.

Be sure to stay tuned with us at Motivis Learning to learn more about some of our favorite non-traditional education paths.