Despite increased enthusiasm and efforts to leverage learning technologies that support better students outcomes, results and impact are marginal. There are many reasons for this lag in impact, but a central issue is that the traditional LMS was designed to support course administration, not learning itself. As a result, the LMS has become more of a hindrance to schools trying to change their approach to classroom instruction and student success initiatives.

Siloed data cannot be easily surfaced, analyzed, or used in a meaningful way. Critical components of the student experience such as mentors, clinical partners, and coaches are not able to access or contribute to student records. And innovations in teaching and learning models that connect more directly to learning outcomes are harder to support. If schools are to break through into more meaningful gains in student outcomes, they need to look beyond the LMS to a better solution that provides a more comprehensive, holistic view and supports all learning models from course-based to clinical practice and experiential learning.

Download the full research report: From Transactional To Transformational – A New Approach To LMS.

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