Focus on Learning Outcomes

Supporting truly student-centered learning requires a technology strategy that moves beyond legacy systems to an ecosystem designed to support the complete student journey. When identifying the right technologies to support your institution’s student-centered learning strategy, five key principles will set you on the right track.

One of those key principles is to focus on learning outcomes.

Put a Student-focused Lens on Your LMS

Most learning management systems capture only usage and course administration data, providing little insight into the quality of programs and student learning. Those that have developed workarounds to track learning outcomes typically limit that view to one course, making it difficult to get a clear picture of a student’s progress across an academic program, much less an ongoing, lifelong learning trajectory.  Reframing the discussion from “how are students using my LMS?” to “how can my learning technology help guide learning and track progress toward outcomes, wherever they need to be measured?” puts a more student-focused lens on the problem. It opens up the possibilities of tracking outcomes outside of the classroom – whether they are in a clinical setting or even post-graduation.

Focusing on outcomes over course administration can also help bridge the divide between accreditation and continuous improvement initiatives. In both scenarios stakeholders are looking for a clear and data-supported path to learning. Without clear ties to learning outcomes in the place where students actually convene, discuss, and apply course content, compliance and continuous improvement initiatives require intensive resources just to deliver on the baseline data needs. As a result, schools often miss the opportunity to derive more strategic insights from the information collected.