Together at Motivis…

we have a savvy, innovative team that doesn’t just accept things the way they are—we want to make a difference in the world.

Everyone is passionate about their work and dedicated to the Motivis mission.

Shawna CrossmanProject Manager

We embrace and drive change.  We came out of a bold educational experiment and we set big goals: creating 21st century skills, improving education, and changing lives. To make big progress, we try bold and daring things, throw out what doesn’t work, improve upon what does, and repeat.

We believe in a mission that goes beyond education technology, so profit is not our driver—it’s giving both our team and students the best chance to achieve their goals and dreams.

Chris Wright
Since working at Motivis, I have grown not only as an engineer, but as a leader. The opportunities given to every employee brings out the best ideas from our team and brings us together to make a difference in the world of Education.

Chris WrightDirector of Development Operations

Be agile

We strive to be agile and nimble to keep educational technology on a pace that will make the soonest difference.

Be collaborative

We work collaboratively and think outside the box to build smarter solutions that can truly drive educational change.

Be yourself

Differing perspectives and experience add value.  You don’t need to fit in a specified box in order to make a difference at Motivis.