Business schools are at a critical nexus between education and industry. So it is no surprise that business programs have been some of the first to embrace emerging educational models such as online, competency-based, and experiential learning. But to continue to compete, programs will need to evolve further by building tighter partnerships with other departments and local industry and reimagining their curriculum to meet the needs of traditional degree-seekers and lifelong learners alike.

Most legacy learning management systems were not built to address these challenges. They typically support only traditional educational models and often reinforce existing campus silos by taking a course-centric vs. a student-centric view of the learning experience. Motivis has reimagined the learning management system to meet the needs of the modern business school, providing a comprehensive learning and data management platform to support innovation, industry collaboration, and data-driven continuous improvement.

We work with Motivis because of their ability to measure true student learning. Our faculty and administrators are able to review learning data in real-time so that we can continually assess and improve upon the student experience.

Andy LynchAssociate Dean, Southern New Hampshire University School of Business

Support Innovation in New Learning Models

“We were using campus technology that was old, inaccessible, siloed – it was very difficult to see and get a high level view of what you were doing and what your problems were.” – Alec Fisher, Director of Academic Operations, HULT International Business School

Learn how HULT International Business School worked with Motivis to streamline their systems to improve the student experience and provide better insights overall.

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Track the Impact of Experiential Learning

Experiential learning within corporate settings is a critical component of building future business leaders. But most learning technology wasn’t designed to track learning that happens outside the classroom. With Motivis every assignment, discussion, and assessment can be tracked to specific learning objectives, so you can track outcomes no matter where or when the learning happens.

Improve Collaboration with Industry Partners

Business schools are collaborating more and more with industry partners, creating targeted degree and certificate programs in an effort to meet the growing demand for skilled workers. So why are industry partners locked out of your LMS? Motivis integrates engagement and social learning capabilities to enable interaction and information sharing among diverse stakeholders. From internship managers to mentors to industry leaders and other partners, you can make genuine community and transparency a reality.

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Gain Meaningful Insights with Less Hassle

With Motivis you can combine rich learning data with crucial information from assessments, student information, and clinical partners. All student data comes together in a single system, sparing you the expense and hassle of multiple software tools and data migrations. So rather than wasting time merging data, you can be putting information to work to develop reporting capabilities, support co-curricular academic initiatives, meet accreditation requirements, and improve candidate success.

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