Healthcare faculty and program directors must innovate constantly to meet the needs of learners and the healthcare labor market. At the same time administrators are under pressure from accreditors who are demanding clearer evidence of educational impact and learning outcomes. Though the core needs for data, assessment, and teaching and learning tools are often similar for both groups, most learning platforms make a coordinated and more strategic approach to data management and collaboration challenging. Motivis has reimagined the learning management system to meet these needs, providing a comprehensive platform to support healthcare students and the faculty, clinicians, and administrators who help guide them through their professional journey.

Support Innovation in New Learning Models

The demand for skilled healthcare workers has never been stronger.  But not every person in need of training requires a full 2- or 4-year program. Programs are experimenting with new models of learning that meet students where they are. But these models are not well served by legacy technology that was designed to support traditional course administration.  Motivis is built around learning objectives, not course administration so you can support all learning models in the same system without costly add-ons and LMS workarounds.

Improve Dialogue with Clinical Partners

Clinical partners can provide invaluable feedback on student performance, but they have limited time to turn observations into comprehensive evaluations. So why make it harder for them to engage in a dialogue? Most educational partners are locked out of the LMS, creating unnecessary barriers to engaging a broader learning community. Motivis integrates engagement and social learning capabilities to enable interaction and information sharing among diverse stakeholders. From clinicians to mentors to partner site administrators, you can make genuine community a reality.

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Gain Meaningful Insights with Less Hassle

With Motivis you can combine rich learning data with crucial information from assessments, student information, and clinical partners. All student data comes together in a single system, sparing you the expense and hassle of multiple software tools and data migrations. So rather than wasting time merging data, you can be putting information to work to develop reporting capabilities, support interprofessional education initiatives, meet accreditation requirements, and improve candidate success.

Track the Impact of Interprofessional Education

Interprofessional education is central to developing collaborative-ready healthcare professionals. But your learning management system (LMS) was designed to support course administration, not learning outcomes. The Motivis platform is built around learning objectives so every assignment, discussion, and assessment can be tracked to specific learning objectives, making assessment of specific initiatives and accreditation review easier and more insightful.

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