Paving the way for real educational change and student success

There’s a critical skills gap between education and modern employment that needs to be addressed for people, business and society to flourish. We create technology that helps educators thinking outside the box turn their ideas into reality.

Education should not be one size fits all, it should be one size fits one.

Brian PeddleCEO & Founder

Our Learning Relationship Management (LRM) platform helps pave the way for real educational change—addressing the skills gap that exists between K-12 and higher ed and educational institutions and business.

It’s time to put incremental change behind us and take a giant leap forward. Time to…

  • Bridge the gap between education and a fulfilling career.
  • Truly focus on the student and be student-centered.
  • Help educators personalize and individualize learning for a true one-size-fits-one experience that engages the learner.
  • Enable the relationships necessary for success.
  • Assess students based on mastery of skills and competencies, not seat time.
  • Improve access to higher education and retain more students once they are there, so more can reach their goals.

Real educational change requires better education technology. To make big progress, we try bold and daring things, throw out what doesn’t work, improve upon what does, and repeat. We weren’t satisfied with the educational technology out there so we created our own learning platform. We’re excited about and driven by our mission—we’re not just another software company.

We want our partners and their students to succeed by giving them technology that works

We’re experts in education who can work with you to adapt curriculum

Whether you need help envisioning and bringing to reality a new program in competency-based education or just better technology made for 21st century or online learning, we can help. Building relationships is fundamental to what we do, and we understand the joys and frustrations of education, educational innovation and educational technology.

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We know the technology you need to be successful

Motivis is built on, a powerful, deeply customizable platform that scales rapidly for future expansion and can deliver fast, secure data across a host of devices. Along with our award-winning software platform, our services and success teams partner with you every step of the way to ensure that we create the best solution.

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Our proven success is rooted in higher education

Our unique LRM platform was developed for a bold educational experiment and new kind of college, one that bases credit on mastery of competencies and skills rather than seat time. Since existing educational technology couldn’t do the job, we created something new. It’s been proven to work for schools across North America.

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Motivis Learning is part of Pledge 1%, a movement of companies that donate product, equity, profit and employee time to improve communities around the world.


We have decades of experience in K-12 and higher education, pedagogy and technology.


Paul Leblanc


Chairman, Motivis Learning and President, SNHU

Brian Peddle


CEO & Founder



Chief Technology Officer

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EVP & Chief Financial Officer


Director of Education Research

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