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The first student-centered education platform that is truly a platform. Motivis Learning is built on top of which not only allows you to leverage our Learning Relationship Management suite but also allows you to extend it in ways we haven't even thought of yet.



Unity is our free communities product designed specifically for higher education. Get your students, faculty and alumni all communicating in one place.


Motivis LRM (Learning Relationship Management) is a single platform education experience, whatever the academic model or setting. Students can better manage their learning experience based on interaction with their instructors, coaches, peers and the community. Educators effectively support students by eliminating administrative tasks and proactively using the right data.

Our LRM supports competency-based learning (CBE) models, course-based curriculums as well as hybrids in traditional and online environments. Students get real-time feedback from instructors and the profile engine based on performance, activity and interests. Faculty have instant access to a holistic view of the student including academic performance, activity, communications and demographics with intelligent predictive indicators. Together the learner and instructor can customize the experience to best meet their needs.


A partnership between student, family, instructors and support staff that enables the student based on their needs and preferences. Students have the information they need readily-accessible to make the right choices about their academic path.


A complete view into the academic, behavioral and time management activities in easy to use dashboards allows parents and educators to support the student proactively and effectively.


Organizations can eliminate the overhead required in separate student, faculty, academic and social applications. Everything the student and educator needs is available in one platform.


Student success is directly related to engagement levels. The platform’s unique design has social and academic networking features that foster collaboration and connection not just between student and instructor, but across student and faculty peer groups.


Because the student is the focus, the features and experience evolves as they do through their academic career. Portfolios, networking and profiles allow the student to grow as they learn while dynamically changing the resources, content and networking options to meet their interests.


Faculty and staff are able to effectively enhance the student’s experience through targeted outreach and intervention, allowing the student to make the best choices as they plan their goals.


The platform eliminates the time and effort involved in manually mining student and institutional progress for opportunities and risks. An intelligent engine does all the work, with prioritized alerts and tasks.


Micro-settings, K-12 districts, traditional campuses and all environments in between can benefit from the same features, customized to meet their individual needs and scalable when those needs grow.


Built-in customizable KPI dashboards give administrators real-time insight into the health of their organization and the ability to identify opportunities for improvement quickly.

Education should not be one size fits all, it should be one size fits one.  -CEO Brian Peddle

Motivis was fully incubated at CfA (College for America), so its design and support team is all in on the grassroots advancement of CBE.

Brian Fleming, Senior Analyst Eduventures

Learning relationship management is an emerging category that has the potential to solve critical problems–attrition, skills gap, and powering lifelong learning.

Tom Vander Ark, Founder and CEO of Getting Smart


Unity is a powerful networking tool built on Salesforce communities. Full customization with an intuitive interface, group and event management, campus news and personalized resources allows users to easily find the right information and connections.

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Move beyond the course-centric limitations of the traditional LMS with our Learning Relationship Management (LRM) platform. Motivis LRM is a new education architecture, built on salesforce and designed to meet the unique needs of each student. With Motivis LRM, students leverage cutting-edge educational tools as they create personal learning experiences, interacting with instructors, mentors, and peer communities.

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